57th World Congress of Chess Composition


Tournament Directors

Axel Steinbrink (Germany) and Luc Palmans (Belgium), assisted by Masato Yoshii (Japan)

Open Solving Tournament
Berne, 25.08.2014

104 solvers from 24 countries had to solve 12 problems within 3 hours.
See the problems with solutions, final results, the expected rating change and some statistics.

38th World Chess Solving Championship
Berne, 26-27.08.2014

The tournament was attended by 90 solvers and 23 teams.
See the problems, solutions, final team results, final individual results, the expected rating change based on the rating of July 1st 2014 and some statistics.

Rules for the World Championship in Solving Chess Problems (WCSC)


The solving tournaments will take place at Kirchliches Zentrum Bürenpark at Bürenstrasse 8 in Berne.
You can get to it directly from the congress hotels by public transportation with tram #9 in the direction of Wabern. Leave the tram after the 12th stop called Wander from where it is a 7 minutes' walk to the venue.
There are more details of how to go to the solving venue in this leaflet.

Solving Show

The best 32 solvers could participate at the solving show in the evening of Aug 27th which was hosted and presented by Vidmantas Satkus (Lithuania).
See the results and the event as playable Powerpoint show or as downloadable PDF document.